The Swedish-Scots Dictionary

So I’m working in Stockholm 3 days a week for the next few weeks. And I really don’t speak any Swedish, beyond what I can pick up from English subtitled TV such as The Bridge, which when characters are speaking quickly isn’t very helpful.

My German is a bit rusty, bit it helps a little with some constructions like Du/Dig (pronounced Dich).

But what’s really helping is a combination of English language TV with Swedish subtitles… and guid Scots. See if you can see the easy parallels I’m seeing here:

  • Bra – braw – Good
  • Dyr – dear – expensive
  • Att gråta – to greet – to cry (weep)
  • Mycket – muckle – a lot (Swedish spelling corrected, tack Torbjörn)
  • Att prata – to prate/prattle – to talk
  • Att flytta in – to flit – to move in (as in: to move house)
  • Huset (pron: Hooset) – house
  • Qvinne – quine – woman (and ultimately queen I guess)
  • Varför – why

Ok that last one was more archaic English, but you get the idea. After a couple of days, I’m now reading a good number of simple billboards and ads in the T-Bana.

Verbal communication is still way beyond me, though.

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