Bad Footwear: Sorted

Moving our lives here has been in 2 stages:

  1. Moving us as people, along with what fits in our small car and/or hand-luggage
  2. Everything Else. This is coming in a shipping container some time in the next month.

So the clothing and personal items we have are very much minimal, but just enough to last us for up to 6 weeks.

Vacuum Packed clothes - coats I think
Vacuum Packed clothes – coats I think

Fitting stuff into the car was helped by vacuum packing a lot of fabric items, including clothing and bedding, but was still limited. In my case, it included exactly two pairs of shoes, only one of which is appropriate for office wear. This pair of shoes therefore has been undergoing very hard wear, and was getting on a bit anyway.

The outcome has been a number of problems:

  1. I’m slipping all the time, unless I’ve got shoe-spikes (effectively elasticated crampons) fitted. Fine when on a lakeside walk but no use on snow-clear city streets or indoors/on public transport. I’ve only fallen once, but it’s been pretty hairy a few times on slopes, including the one down to the bus stop.
  2. The shoes are getting rapidly trashed. I already have holes in the heels, and the salted gravel used as anti-slip cover on roads and pavements have got in and make a lovely rattling sound. And yesterday as I got home, I felt an annoying lump in my right sole which turned out to be a hole into which two stones had forced entry. A hole in the sole in snow sounds like a recipe for a wet foot to me.
Dr Marten 2976 Chelsea Boots

So it was with some relief and not a little joy that I picked up a parcel from the post office this morning containing a brand new pair of Dr Marten 2976 Chelsea Boots.

As our Swedish friends tell us:

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

They’ll need breaking in a little, but bad footwear: Sorted.

And now, a musical interlude for us 80s kids.

(aside: retailing for £19.99? Blimey, things have changed since 1982)

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