Svenska Vänner: Telecoms Advice Wanted

Dear friends and fellow geeks

I’m looking for some experience and advice for a home broadband and TV provider.

Here’s what I’m looking for (essentially matching what we had in the UK but with more speed!)

  1. Good speed – 100Mbit/s is apparently supported at our address in both directions
  2. No port blocking or policy restrictions — I run a server for various bits and bobs including email
  3. Ideally, a fixed (or very slow changing) IP address
  4. Either a NAT router/modem that I can log into and disable DHCP (as Bad Things happen when my server isn’t providing DHCP), or a simple ethernet out where I can use my Airport Extreme as the router. Either way, I want to have the LAN network running the range with no device restrictions (as we have a constellation of devices to connect) and all external traffic directed to the server.
  5. First FaceTime Session
    First FaceTime Session
    Not at all worried about Voice Telephony – we use mobiles and various video conferencing services (Google Hangouts, Apple FaceTime and Skype) rather than have a house voice number.
  6. TV package that has some UK/English language channels, and definitely GoT!

I believe we have both ADSL and Fiber to the house.

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