Things I have learned since moving to Sweden

It is Friday and I emigrated to Sweden on Monday. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster since then with the children leading the way as we find our feet in the local area and in the school system. We still have a huge way to go in finding our place but for now I am thrilled with how far we have come.

It has been interesting, however, and I have definitely learned some things about Swedish life. So now for your viewing pleasure, some of my observations:

    • It is illegal to park on the wrong side of the street. I.e. Facing the traffic. You must face the same way if stopping at the edge of a road.
    • The Swedes leave their Christmas lights up until the end of January. It makes the streets really pretty. All those lovely lights reflecting on the snow.
    • Christmas lights are all white/pale yellow. None of this brightly coloured trashy nonsense the UK seems to have developed. So much prettier.
    • Children play out in the snow, every day. Back in Scotland a snowy day was deemed to be unsuitable for outdoor play in case the children should slip and hurt themselves. Bless. What nonsense.
    • Your rubbish gets weighed.
    • The majority of Swedes speak beautiful English. It is embarrassing really.
    • All children ice-skate. DD starts next week! They are using the local football pitch which has been soaked in water and left to freeze. Awesome.
    • On our street you are not allowed to park your car on the road on a Friday as that is the day the gritter/snow plough comes down.


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