Unpacking At Last

At last! Our removals have arrived!

The van with 2 guys pitched up last Saturday evening. Now our house is set a wee bit back from the road, with a drive. This caused a fair amount of teeth sucking about how they were to get the stuff up to us, as the 2 trailer lorry (of which we were about 1/4) wasn’t going to get reversed up or down the drive. Fortunately, we didn’t really bring any furniture as most of ours was IKEA, and what’s the point of paying to ship IKEA furniture here? Unless you’re planning to take it to the forest and return it to the wild. So 90%+ of our delivery was boxes, which they could carry one at a time up the drive.

Sunday was a mandatory rest day for the guys, so they parked up just along the road for the day – to the bemusement of the neighbours. And at 8am on Monday morning, they started carting boxes and dumping them in the garage. Since then, we’ve been progressively carting them out of the garage and unpacking them, and finding homes for the content.

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