Drottningholm Palace

Map of our walk
Drottningholm Walk

Kids were super lazy today, so we went for a little explore, driving a bit randomly until we found something interesting.

And what an interesting thing it was. Drottningholm Palace — the private residence of the Swedish Royals, built in the C16th. The gardens have free entry (visiting the palace only costs 120SEK for adults), so we had a lovely walk round.

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Publishing for Immigrants

Sweden has a whole publishing industry servicing adult learners of Swedish language. Because when you’re just learning a language as an adult — or even a teenager — you really don’t want “See Spot Run! Run, Spot, Run!” you want something that will stimulate your brain in content as well as language learning. Otherwise it’s a total chore.

Every library (certainly in Stockholm) has a lättläst section. I’m currently reading the lättläst version of Let The Right One In (yes, the book that the movie was based on. It is set in a very nearby suburb that I travel through on the Tunnelbana every day).

And then there’s also 8sidor.se – grownup news, but with limited vocabulary and simple grammar. I’ve no idea whether the UK has anything like this. Certainly a business opportunity for someone if not.
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Gamla Stan – The Old Town

It seems to me that most cities have an ‘old town’ of sorts and Stockholm is no exception.

I love Stockholm’s old town. Situated on its own island there is no denying which part of the city it is. Like any capital city it is also a huge tourist-magnet. Much like Edinburgh’s Royal Mile it is stuffed full with tourist shops selling tourist tat. There are also a lovely mix of craft and specialist shops and wonderful places to eat. Smack bang in the middle is the Noble Museum which I have yet to visit – waiting for an excuse to go! And right at the edge, overlooking the water is the wonderful Palace where you can watch the changing of the guard.

A few weeks ago I had a rare free day and went for a mooch. I wandered around looking at all the beautiful buildings and peering into all the wonderful shop windows. I could easily spend a fortune there, if I had a fortune to spend 😉

I took a load of photos and thought I would share them with you so you too can get a taste of Gamla Stan.

So first up – one of my passions – knitting. There is a lot of knitwear for sale in Gamla Stan, both mass-produced tat and beautifully hand-crafted artisan pieces. Prices naturally reflect the quality of the work:

The Science Fiction Bokhandeln is in Gamla Stan. For science fiction fans it is heaven. There are manga books, memorabilia, comics, games, Warhammer and even a full size alien.

Gamla Stan is full of beautiful craft shops. Especially jewellery shops, I could spend hours drooling in the windows..

The tourist shops are full of ‘traditional’ goods for you to buy – some more authentic than others:

There is a wealth of clothing available. Oh how I would love to be able to afford some of the clothes in the shops, maybe if I sold a kidney…

Some odd bits and pieces..

And finally some of the buildings. Glimpses up alleyways, a taste of Gamla Stan.

Tempted to come and visit us?
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Summer Is Icumen In… Maybe

Sumer is icumen in,
Lhude sing, cuccu;
Groweth sed
and bloweth med,
And springth the wode nu;
Sing, cuccu!

Middle English Summer Poem

Since Easter, the weather has been utterly gorgeous. Last weekend, the temperature was easily in the twenties. If it stays like this until September, that would do me just fine.


In Wickerman style, on the last evening of April, Swedes gather for bonfires and choral singing.

No nude jumping over fires, and no human sacrifice, however

However, the next morning…

Any white rabbits were snow covered.
Mayday Snow

Others in Stockholm had it worse!

And yet, a few hours later…

Mayday Sunshine
Mayday Sunshine