Kämpa sexistisk reklam

Subway ad:
Anti Sexist Ad

Rough translation:

Black Board

You’re standing there, being fed messages about everything that’s wrong with your body

White Board

This space is usually filled with a picture of a sexualised woman.

Sexist ads make women feel bad and want to change their bodies. That’s an impediment to equality. Together, we can reclaim the space.

Are you with us? Take pictures of sexist ads, tag with #complain and share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to report them.

Isn’t that just fabulous?

Edinburgh and Stockholm

Friends back in Scotland have been happily pointing out 53 Reasons Living In Edinburgh Ruins You For Life. And while some of these are true, and Edinburgh is thoroughly wonderful (I lived in and around it for 25 years), I disagree with the premise that it ruins you for life. Perhaps if you stay in the UK, but not if you’re subsequently living in Stockholm.

And so, in response, I give you… Continue reading Edinburgh and Stockholm