Hmm I started this post in October.

I reckon I’d better get it published otherwise it’ll be Christmas!

I can’t begin to describe how beautiful Stockholm is in Autumn. Because the city is so much open space, with so many deciduous trees, October is a riot of rich warm colours. Every tree has a little carpet of gold around it, stunning in sunshine, but still wonderful by streetlight after dark.

I haven’t even started to capture the overall power of this, but here are a few hints.

Season Summary

Our back garden through the season. Compare the difference a few weeks makes to the foliage in our garden.

And in between, the year’s first snow!

First Snow, November 6th
First Snow, November 6th

Early October

Early hints of Autumn arriving, in among the summer colours are some early movers.

Mid October

Lots of colour everywhere now.

Late October

Autumn has well and truly arrived. The clocks went back at the weekend and now sunset is shortly after 4pm.

We went for a lovely walk down to Mälaren

…and by November

Ulvsundasjön like a Mirror
Ulvsundasjön like a Mirror

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