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Gröna Linje Hyperlapse

This is my daily commute on the Tunnelbana’s Green Line, taken one sunny morning in late October, starting at the very end of the line and continuing until the line heads underground at Thorildsplan.

Of particular interest are:

Where even 7yos know that Vampires live. Mostly because of Let The Right One In, set here. Much of it was filmed in the far north for reliability of snow during filming, but the housing and jungle gym is spot on.
Crossing over this arm of Mälaren fills me with joy every time I do it. The view southward is even more lovely but hard to capture from the train. On this particular day, it was a mirror.

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Transport observations

TBana stops have sheltered bike parking. The surprisingly sensible & good bit: they have powered tyre pumps.

In rush hour at TCentral (Stockholm’s rail/TBana hub), subway trains are so close running that following trains are a metre or less from the one before. It’s almost a continuous single train.

The concrete of the TBana tunnels between TCentral & Östermalmtorg have taken the form of the shuttering used in construction that they appear to be lined with grey planks.