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Gröna Linje Hyperlapse

This is my daily commute on the Tunnelbana’s Green Line, taken one sunny morning in late October, starting at the very end of the line and continuing until the line heads underground at Thorildsplan.

Of particular interest are:

Where even 7yos know that Vampires live. Mostly because of Let The Right One In, set here. Much of it was filmed in the far north for reliability of snow during filming, but the housing and jungle gym is spot on.
Crossing over this arm of Mälaren fills me with joy every time I do it. The view southward is even more lovely but hard to capture from the train. On this particular day, it was a mirror.

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Lake Life

As we’ve written before, being so close to Mälaren is wonderful – it makes for a lovely afternoon walk down to the shore, even in the depths of winter.

What we didn’t realise in the cold, dark days is what a wonderful place it is for beaches and swimming, and equally so, on the other side of the city centre that is theoretically the Baltic Sea.

(Sidenote: did you know that the Baltic is technically a Mediterranean sea? And because its connection to the wider oceans is so narrow, it’s both much less salty – so it freezes more easily than most – and hardly tidal at all).

And so it is – particularly when you’re out with Secondus – that you suddenly get an impromptu paddling session. Which turns into an impromptu swimming session. So now we always take towels, goggles and swimming costumes with us, even if say going to Tekniska Museet.


Right in the city centre, but you’d never know it from the peacefulness of the scene.


Hässelby Strand

The lovely thing is that it’s all very chilled, all very quiet. Kids are left to just potter and run about, which they do without particularly disturbing anyone. The main reason for this is that it’s not too busy. You can always find a good space to sit in. And it’s utterly safe, both in water terms and personal safety. The water is cool, not cold (easily warm enough to swim in, and refreshing on a hot day), and is pretty shallow for quiet some way out.

There are BBQ pits, no-one will hassle you if you bring your own disposable one, as long as you do dispose of it, and there are special bins to do just that.

In Sweden, even BBQs get recycled
In Sweden, even BBQs get recycled

There are no huge sets of “THOU SHALT NOT HAVE FUN” rules beyond Swedish norms about recycling. No parents inflicting oil slicks of suncream on their pale blue offspring. No fences or opening times or lifeguards.

It’s all a relaxed, inside/outside atmosphere, and lovely and warm.

What kind of a summer has it been?

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Swedish Spring Has Sprung

In Sweden, Spring officially starts on the first of 7 days when the average temperature is above freezing. This means it’s only possible to refer to it retrospectively, as you can only assess it after a week.

In Stockholm, this occurred on 21st February, so it’s apparently been Spring for a fortnight.

(No, it’s not this far into the Spring yet)

Update: 9th March

We went for a walk round the neighbourhood yesterday, and the feeling has totally transformed. There were kids from age 5 out on their bikes, entirely unsupervised, and a feeling of lazy warmth was everywhere. And this in 10C!

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Sunday Walk, Hässelby Coastline

Repeating last week’s Sunday walk, but with a working camera. Primus and Secondus were refuseniks, so just Lucy, Tertia and I.

This week, though, the ice on the lake has frozen. We saw people out on the ice, perhaps testing it for thickness and safety.

Well earned reward

Walking home

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Family Sunday

Our first Sunday in Sweden as a family. We decided to shake off the cobwebs and go out and explore.

We all wrapped up well with hats, scarves, gloves, coats and boots and off we set. We decided to head for the lake. Stockholm stands on Lake Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden. It is very close to our house and we soon found our way down to it.

Such beauty is hard to describe. The way the water dripping off the rocks was forming ice stalactites and icicles was gorgeous. The partially frozen lake allowed ducks to walk right up to the boardwalk we were heading along leaving their frozen duck prints across the ice. The tall reeds had balls of translucent ice just above where they grew out of the water. The sky was clear, yet it snowed. Peering over the boardwalk we could see icicles hanging below the boards and under the low branches of bushes and trees.

I would share photos with you only it was so cold I think my iPhone has frozen! We are still waiting for it to defrost.

As we headed around the lake we came to a large, stately house called Riddersviks Gård. Every Sunday there is a cafe open there serving tea, coffee, steaming hot chocolate and a selection of gorgeous fresh cakes. Two hot chocolates, three glasses of milk and a selection of cakes later we headed back out into the snow taking the short route back to the house.

Once home Martin and I heaved furniture around and swapped DD’s bedroom with the office. Lots of reasons for this move and I think she is pleased with the change. We are certainly pleased with the new look office.

Martin then decided to give the log fire a go. Oh dear. The house filled with smoke and we ended up having to open doors and windows to get rid of the eye-watering smoke. We are not sure what we have done wrong so have emailed the landlord to hopefully find out.

Once we had got rid of the smoke we settled down with pizza and ciabatta and watched a film together. All in all a great family day, now just to get them to bed…
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